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Andrew Knutson DBQ

Jackson was a gentleman of many encounters, and many of his sights were not democratic. First, Jackson was not democratic for financial reasons, like the Bank veto. Second, Knutson was not democratic for politics reasons, such as implementing the Spoils program. Third, Knutson was not democratic for interpersonal reasons, just like being pro-slavery. Jacksonian views are not democratic.

First, Jackson was not democratic for political reasons. During his obama administration many of his actions had been viewed as tyrannical and his tendencies reflected those of a king rather than of your president. One person drew a cartoon of Jackson, in which he is wearing a crown, having a scepter in his side, and trampling on the Cosmetic (Doc 11). This symbolizes that people found Andrew Jackson as " King Andrew” because he performed whatever he wanted and acted such as a dictator by disobeying the Constitution. One more example was when Jackson implemented the Spoils System, which was if the President equiped his followers with government jobs. Knutson argued that there usually are many significant qualifications essential for government careers and that anyone can do it (Doc 4). However , opponents of Jackson regarded as him a tyrant as they replaced experienced politicians with illiterate maqui berry farmers who had no political knowledge just because that they supported his campaign. Jackson was not democratic for many political reasons.

Second, Jackson had not been democratic intended for economic factors. To start, Knutson vetoed the bill to recharter the Second Lender of the United States. He claimed that he was guarding the democracy from problem but in truth, he terrifying that the bankers would plan against him. Jackson was a tyrant who also destroyed the national traditional bank for personal concerns (Doc 8) and he was quoted while saying, " The Bank is attempting to eliminate me but I will kill it. " Next, Knutson passed the Indian Removal Act, which forced the Indians to maneuver west. Although the Indians did not want to leave all their...

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