The Scarlet Notice: Hester's Secrets Cause Injury

The Scarlet Letter 22.08.2019
 The Scarlet Letter: Hester’s Secrets Cause Harm Essay

The Scarlet Page, written by Nathaniel Hawthorne, comes after the story of Hester Prynne and her dealings with a nasty like triangle and life with the sin of adultery. Hawthorne also sets out the consequences to help keep secrets as well as the effects it might have for the lives of oneself yet others. In this story, Hester maintains many destructive secrets that harm more than herself and some that your woman should have distributed before it got too late.

Hester probably believed that her secrets harmed very little and spared others pain as long as we were holding hers and hers only. However , Hester's secrets damaged many more persons, including her lover Dimmesdale and her husband Chillingworth. Her secrets hurt Dimmesdale the most. When she distributed that her husband was Chillingworth, he seemed practically heartbroken with the fact that she'd hide this kind of important bit of information from charlie. Dimmesdale was also injure in many ways when she help back the personality of the daddy of Treasure from the community, such as harming himself to cope with the fact this individual did not arrive forth for court. In fact , this very act likewise resulted in the harm of Chillingworth. This individual vowed vengeance because he would not know who the baby's father was, which directed him and his health within a downward spiral.

Her works in having these secrets were damaging in the community as well, not just damaging to a few people. The city as a whole was required to deal with the shame of having an adulteress within just its jurisdiction and many everyone was disgusted with the idea of it to start with. To make things worse, her secrets induced the problem of the neighborhood minister and doctor, both these styles which were very esteemed. Her secrets triggered Dimmesdale's above mentioned self damage and Chillingworth's spite towards him, which will when mixed sent his health downwards very quickly. This individual, also sharing the secret, ultimately collapsed beneath the pressure and, in his last sermon, perished. Chillingworth perished as well because he had put in so much of his time and effort being...

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