Sociological Point of view

 Sociological Point of view Essay


CSI is a Television show that happens in Las Vegas with a selection of crime scene investigators. In these episodes this allows you to discover just how much technology features actually advanced over the years. Every episode is unique and there are different factors to each present. Just to feel that how various unsolved circumstances there are for the reason that crime picture was not able to be prepared because deficiency of technology. Sociological Perspectives

Through this paper We are using the interactionist perspective to explain this one particular episode i have chosen to discuss. This episode I will be discussing is about a guy who has a foot fetish which causes him to watch ladies feet and react. We are focusing on that one character in this episode. Let me also be talking about the reasons to why this man chooses to murder, rape and beat the girls victims that he selects according to how amazing their ft are. In this episode the person was known as the foot fetish serial rapist. While the csi crew was being followed by a real possibility TV team, while being followed they receive the contact about a aggresive rape of any woman in a hotel room. The victim with the rape was alive on the other hand she was unable to make sure to much details. This is because the foot fetish rapist got use fundamentally laughing gas at first before giving her another medication to immobilize her and erase her memory in a short time. During this time the rapist, adored the victim's feet repeatedly, he as well raped her over and over again. He focused even more on the ft though he wanted to ensure that the feet slept perfect and soft. The rapist a new very clever but predictable way of getting into to the can certainly apartments. The rapist got bought a flames fighter go well with off range and will pose like a firefighter. Prior to rapist might come for the victim's door he would cause a scene by simply setting off smoke cigars bombs to cause thoughts. He would then apply the laughing gas to get the victims to go out, when he received...

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