Based upon my understanding on the different meanings I discovered at the web, Multi-branding or Multi-branding strategy is a advertising of several brands with similar or perhaps related or unrelated category under or perhaps made by an organization or organization (i. electronic. the San Miguel Corporation). The San Miguel Corporation offers a large number of products, to note some, the San Miguel Beer which can be produced by San Miguel Brewery Inc. (SMBI), Ginebra San Miguel Gin which is made by Ginebra San Miguel, Inc., and the San Mig Espresso which is made by San Miguel Super Coffeemix Company, Incorporation. These products belong to one Corporation – San Miguel Company. SMC is one of the existing, concrete examples of a company or business using multi-branding on their business.

The advantages or great things about using multi-branding are which it promotes the name of the company through different goods they make; it could possibly also create higher interest of consumers (such of that consumers who regularly change all their brands in order to experiment diverse product or brands) for the product that they wanted because could have a selection of products in your company; the business could also obtain greater space in the market, exactly where little space is remaining for the competitor business houses through multi-branding; by promoting identical products under different Brands, a company can easily fill up the Price Gaps and Quality Spaces of the marketplace. In this way, the market can become condensed with the comparable products of the same company.

Yet there could end up being burdens of adopting multi-branding. These are, to say, the company's focus is divided to many products. Negligence among products might happen and this can result in leaving the product and adding it out of the market; inner competition between managers of the company reaches a high degree; cannibalization between similar brands; dilution of the difference among different brands; overlapping consumer segments may get confused, and...

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