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Course: IT530 Unit: 5 Points: 120

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Unit Effects:

Explain flow control and congestion administration and their relevance to overall network performance Evaluate normal routing tactics and their application to a business' internet connectivity Recommend a comprehensive security program

Plan and describe methods to secure info including security techniques and security protocols Assess LOCAL AREA NETWORK communications and management protocols and take a look at their relevance in business surroundings

Course Final results:

IT530-5: Examine issues around the connection and administration of networks. Assignment Guidance:

1 . In recent years, the idea of " ethical” hacking has exploded in importance as more companies consider hiring " black hat” hackers as security consultants. Research the elements that comprise " ethical” cracking. In what methods does ethical hacking differ from " dark-colored hat” hacking? Put yourself into the situation of a program administrator considering hiring a hacker. How would you ensure that this individual was actually fortifying your industry�s network reliability rather than hacking into your company's sensitive data? Would you also consider getting a hacker in the first place? Why or why not? Search for at least one example of the real world " ethical” hacker being employed; was this a good or bad decision on the part of the corporation?

2 . Depending on your research, create an almost eight to 10 page newspaper that studies the concept of " ethical” cracking, as well as the honest dilemmas inherent in getting a hacker being a security specialist. Preparing your Assignment

The written essay/paragraph formatted conventional paper should be eight - 12 pages extended NOT including cover page and references. As you research moral hacking, ALL of the pages will need to have citations and references. No more than one direct quotation (of 40 words or more) is allowed per site and topic lists...

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