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Because the coming with the new millennium, the computer technology has increase. Almost everything now is being operate or assisted by a computer system. There is no wonder why everyone wants to learn or perhaps gain know-how in using computers. Computer systems became a necessity to our each day lives, although since certainly not everyone has enough money to obtain one, business-minded people have caused it to be easier for those who can not find the money for it by simply putting up laptop shops. These types of computer outlets are often located to available places, planning to address their particular biggest market - the scholars. Students often come to computer outlets for numerous reasons. A few go to the pc shops to research for their assignments and spiel, while some see a computer store just to play games. Either way, visiting or arriving at computer outlets has an effect on their particular classroom efficiency.

This study is being recommended to evaluate the partnership between the location of the computer shops and the class room performance of the 4th year students of Cavite National High school graduation. The evaluation for this research will be based around the factors that influenced the scholars to choose the precise location of the computer shops that they visit such as range from the school/accessibility, awareness of the City Ordinance, companies being offered by shop, level per hour/promos, ambiance with the shop. The analysis with the classroom performance of the learners will be related to the over variables. This will help to determine if there is an existing relationship or nonrelationship between this kind of variables while location of the laptop shops and classroom overall performance of the learners.

This study hopes to further more authenticate existing theories and generalizations about them.

Statement from the Problem

This kind of research study aims to identify the effect of the location of the computer retailers to the class performance of the Cavite National High School, T. Y 2012-2013.

Statement with the Sub-Problem

1 . Find out the factors that influence trainees to choose the precise location of the computer retailers that they check out in terms of:

a. Distance from the school/ Availability

b. Awareness if the Metropolis Ordinance

c. Services being offered by the deliver

d. Price per hour/ promos

electronic. Ambiance in the shop

installment payments on your What are the ratings u the next year students of Cavite National High School with regards to their class performance?

3. What is the effect of the site of pc shops for the classroom efficiency of the fourth year pupils?

Statement of Hypothesis

You cannot find any significant impact between the location of pc shops as well as the classroom functionality of the 4th year registrants of Cavite Countrywide High School, S. Y 2012-2012.

Significance with the Study

Having understanding if the location of the computer retailers have significant relationship to the classroom performance of the pupils can help the location officials and school facilitators create far better and powerful ordinance pertaining to the wellbeing of the pupils. It can also act as a way intended for the professors to understand all their students more with regards to the students' behavior in the classroom.

With tighter rules and more understanding professors, the students are required to be more concentrated with their studies which in turn consequently lead to better grades and academic ratings that can function as an instrument for them to have a much better future.

This study can also be performed to study if there is a romance between the class room performance from the students and the other hobbies and interests such as watching tv, playing sports and participating to different...

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