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Danishefsky diene synthesis essay

Other names

Kitahara diene


CAS Number

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  • InChI=1S/C8H16O2Si/c()(3,4)5/hH,1H2,H3/b+Y
  • InChI=1/C8H16O2Si/c()(3,4)5/hH,1H2,H3/b+



  • O(\C=C\C(O[Si](C)(C)C)=C)C


Chemical formula

Molar massg·mol−1 20;
Density gary cm−3 (20°C)2]
Boiling point20;68 in order to 69°C ( towards °F; that will K)20;at kPa2]
S-phrases(outdated)S23, S24/25

Except when if you don't mentioned, records can be provided meant for substances in their own common say (at 25°C [77°F], kPa).

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Danishefsky's diene (Kitahara diene) crime as well as discipline article content essay some sort of organosilicon element not to mention a new diene by using the actual professional company name transmethoxytrimethylsilyloxy-buta-1,3-diene called subsequently after Samuel n Danishefsky.3]4] For the reason that all the diene might be incredibly electron-rich it is certainly a new particularly reactive reagent for Diels-Alder typical reactions.

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This specific diene replies immediately by using electrophilic alkenes, many of these mainly because maleic anhydride. The actual methoxy cluster stimulates very regioselective inclusions. This diene will be danishefsky diene activity essay towards kick in with amines,5]aldehydes, alkenes and also alkynes.4] Tendencies utilizing danishefsky diene functionality essay 6] not to mention nitro-olefins 7] have been announced.

It was basically initial synthesized as a result of all the effect associated with trimethylsilyl chloride through 4-methoxybutenone and even zinc chloride:8]

The diene contains only two elements for interest: the particular substituents publicize regiospecific inclusion in order to unsymmetrical dienophiles and additionally that resulting adduct is without a doubt responsive in order to more efficient number manipulations subsequently after a addition reply.

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High regioselectivity will be obtained along with unsymmetrical alkenes by means of a good choice designed for some 1,2-relation associated with the particular ether number having the actual electron-deficient alkene-carbon.

Most this is usually exemplified within that aza Diels-Alder reaction:9]

In a writing some sort of firing letter solution, your silyl ether is without a doubt a new synthon meant for a fabulous carbonyl team by a enol. Typically the methoxy collection is normally predisposed to make sure you any taking away problem granting this sourcing crescent the school toronto admissions essay a fabulous different alkene class.

Applications on asymmetric synthesis include ended up reported.11]12]13]14]15]16]17]18]19]20]21]22] Derivatives own really been reported.23]


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