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Penitentiary Ideal and Types of American Prisons

Daniel T. Bailey


March seventeen, 2013

Ronnie Richardson

Penitentiary Ideals and Models of American Prisons

Many centuries before law representatives in our nation got together to generate a way to turn our jail systems. The finished item after all the bugs had been worked out was your penitentiary. The penitentiary was created to be a relatively stepping stone in the advancement of our prison system as well as its main goal was to in some manner rehabilitate those that were located there.

Penitentiary Model

When the penitentiary was first developed its purpose was suppose to be the two spiritual and also secular in nature (Foster, B. 2006). The penitentiary is a place where a legal did his time for a crime he had dedicated. The ideal penitentiary should be a secure place for somebody serving their time and they need to not be subjected to any physical punishment by simply other prisoners or the personnel. While in the proper care of penitentiary officials an incarcerated person will be exposed to several programs which can be aimed at changing their poor behavior for them to become legislation abiding residents once they will be released. The penitentiary a new main goal when it came to those this housed and it was to rehabilitate. Prisoners were to be retained busy doing productive tasks and not sitting around getting idle due to the fact that this lead to them getting into problems. Many of the penitentiary founders had been very spiritual men plus they believed that the penitentiary was also a place of penitence where a prisoner can think about the wrong they had performed and ideally change for the better (Foster, W. 2006).

Prison Models

In the 1800's there were two main jail models in place that all prisons were based from. The first was a program called The Pennsylvania System. The second program was referred to as The Blonde System. The two systems were based on two totally different varieties of keeping criminals in check. The Pennsylvania program was primarily based...

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