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CASE 1 – Targeting the College Age Apparel Market

Summary: American Novelty helmet and Abercrombie and fitch & Fitch are opponent retailers competing for a competitive leadership position among the same segment with the teenage/college pupil market. Each, however , discover a slightly several strategy, while others similarities had been the issues intended for legal contestation. The case details the strategies, merchandising, businesses, and competitive positions with the two suppliers. Use:

Chapter 1Examines the trends and preferences of the teen/college marketplace and how stores are providing to the requires of this industry Chapter 2Illustrates the strategies and procedures of two specialty attire retailers. Section 5Details the retail market approaches, operations and sources of competitive advantages for two specialty apparel retailers. Phase 15Describes the retail communication mix receive claims from two specialized apparel stores to reach their very own target market sectors.

Discussion Questions

1 . What, if virtually any, are the variations in A& F's and American Eagle's selling strategy? 1 . What are the brand images of A& N and AE? What phrases and words are associated with each retailer's brand name? installment payments on your List additional specialty clothes retailers that target the same customers as A& F and AE. Just how can these brands differentiate themselves in the competitive retail environment? Construct a product or service positioning map to demonstrate. 3. Which retailer(s) has(have) the better competitive situation? Why?

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MNGT 102 Fall 2013 Case Study one particular - Targeting the College Age Apparel Marketplace


Conversation Questions

1 . What, if any, are definitely the differences in A& F's and American Eagle's retail approach?

4. Exactly what the brand photos of A& F and AE? What words and phrases will be associated with every retailer's manufacturer?

5. List other niche apparel retailers that target...

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