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E19-3 Bacala Corporation

(a) Identify each of the costs while direct supplies, direct labor, manufacturing expense, or period costs. Components used in product $100, 000 – Immediate materials

Advertising and marketing expense $45, 000 – Period costs

Depreciation about plant $60, 000 – Manufacturing overhead

Property income taxes on herb $14, 000 – Developing overhead

Home taxes on store $7, 500 – Manufacturing cost to do business

Delivery price $21, 000 – Period costs

Labor costs of assembly-line employees $110, 1000 – Direct labor Product sales commissions $35, 000 – Period costs

Factory items used $13, 000 – Direct components

Salaries paid out to sales clerks $50, 000 – Period costs

(b) Describe the basic difference in accounting for merchandise costs and period costs. Product costs are developing costs, direct components, immediate labor and manufacturing over head, do not turn into expenditures until the company offers inventory. Period costs will be nonmanufacturing costs, including offering and management expenses.

E19-8 Craig Corporation

(a) Compute cost of goods manufactured.

$100, 000

110, 000

62, 000

18, 000

7, 500

twenty three, 000

$314, 500

doze, 000

15, 500

$311, 000


Labor price

Depreciation on plant

Real estate tax about plant

Home tax about store

Factory supplies utilized

Total developing cost

Add work in improvement (January 1)

Less operate progress (December 31)

Expense of goods made

(b) Calculate cost of goods sold.

$311, 000

70, 000

55, 600

$315, 400

Expense of goods created

Add finished goods (January 1)

Less finished merchandise (December 31)

Cost of items sold

P19-1A Fabila Business

(a) Put together an answer bed sheet with the subsequent column headings. Product costs

Cost item

Direct Material

Direct Labor

Manufacturing expense

Period costs

Rent in factory products $7, 000


Insurance on stock building $1, 500

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Raw materials (plastics, polystyrene, etc . ) $75, 000

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Utility costs for manufacturing plant $900


Supplies intended for general business office $300


Wages for assembly line staff $43, 500


Depreciation on workplace equipment hundreds of dollars


Assorted materials (glue, thread, etc . ) $1, 100


Factory manager's salary $5, 700


Property taxes on manufacturing plant building $400


Advertising and marketing for head gear $14, 000


Sales commission $7, 000


Depreciation in factory building $1, five-hundred


Enter each expense item on your answer bed sheet, placing the amount under the suitable headings. Total the dollars amounts in each of the articles.


Making cost

Lease on factory equipment

Insurance on factory building

Unprocessed trash (plastics, polystyrene, etc . )

Utility expense for manufacturing plant

Wages to get assembly line workers

Miscellaneous materials (glue, carefully thread, etc . )

Factory manager's salary

Property taxes in factory building

Depreciation about factory building

$ several, 000

one particular, 500

seventy five, 000


43, 500

1, 95

5, seven hundred


you, 500

Total manufacturing costs

$136, 75

(b) Calculate the cost to make one headgear.

$136, 95 ÷ twelve, 000 models = $13. 61

P19-4A Blumbey Manufacturing Business

(a) Prepare a cost of items manufactured plan.

Blumbey Manufacturing Company Cost of Goods Manufactured Schedule for 12 months Ended June 30, 2012 Work in improvement 7/1/ 2011

Direct elements

Raw materials products on hand 7/1/2011

Unprocessed trash purchases

Total raw materials designed for use

Significantly less: Raw materials products on hand 6/30/2011

Direct materials used

Immediate Labor

Production overhead

Herb manager's income

Factory programs

Indirect labor

Factory machines depreciation

Manufacturing plant property taxes

Factory insurance

Factory repairs

Total manufacturing overhead

Total manufacturing price

Total cost work in method

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